Our Kentner Creek deposit is a non-reefal/outwash deposit, resulting in reduced variability and higher quality

Unique chemical and physical properties have created superior aggregate products

Characteristics of our stone

  • Crush test of 15,000 psi – one of the highest recorded readings for limestone in the world!

  • Absorption in the 1.0% range

  • High Calcium

  • Low Silica

  • Nonexistent readings of Selenium

History of Kentner Creek

West Plain’s Kentner Creek operation possesses unique aggregate characteristics from both a physical and chemical perspective versus competitors. Limestone is sedimentary rock that formed from the beds of evaporated seas/lakes.  The environment of the water body at the time the sediment was being deposited dictates the quality of limestone from an aggregate perspective.  For example, if the water body was stormy or muddy poorer quality limestone or shales exist today at that location.  If the water body was calm there is less likelihood for contamination and as a result high quality stone exist in present form.

The Kentner Creek operation mines Silurian age limestone that was deposited in a unique environment.  This location was somehow protected from storm and/or drastic climate events and as a result is chemically unique (high calcium) and physically superior versus competitors.

In addition the Kentner Creek deposit is a non-reefal/outwash deposit.  Competitors all mine locations which are either reefal deposits (at one time living/growing structures) or channel/storm outwash locations. These reef and outwash deposits can cause variability in stone qualities due to changing environments.  Since the Kentner location was protected, sediment was laid down in a manner that greatly reduced variability in quality and allows the high quality product being mined today.

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