Not all Ag Lime is created equal.

West Plains’ Agricultural Lime is high calcium by nature, giving customers high purity coupled with fine particle size.

West Plains Ag Lime

Ag lime from the Kentner Creek operation offers customers the maximum benefit in the shortest time as a result of the high calcium chemical in the product. This high purity coupled with a fine particle size means application of this lime yields controlled, effective and known results in a rapid manner.  The buyer obtains full impact of the lime in the first year with accelerated pH neutralization.

Ag Lime Supply

In the past obtaining enough high calcium ag lime has proved difficult for buyers.  This was a result of ag lime being produced as a by-product of the regular construction aggregate production process.  West Plains determined to address this demand in the market constructed a dedicated ag lime crushing circuit in the summer of 2012 at the Kentner Creek operation.  This crusher circuit is capable of producing 160+ tons per hour of high quality/high calcium ag lime utilizing a 700 horse power crusher.  A customer can now be assured that when they send a truck to purchase ag lime, it will be available.  This, coupled with the transportation savings West Plains offers due to our northern Indiana location, offers agricultural producers a steady supply of a high calcium lime at a lower delivered price.

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