West Plains has distributed 6,000 tons per day on average since 2007.

Our Kentner Creek stone quarry extends 205 feet in depth with both open pit and underground mining and expanded in 2019 to include transportation by rail.


West Plains’ Kentner Creek operation mines Silurian-age limestone in a unique geological formation featuring predominately non-reefal and non-outwash rock. These and other factors mean our limestone is of high consistency and quality.

In the United States the average American consumes 12 tons of aggregate directly/indirectly every year.  Aggregate is in your roads, home, nutrition, fields and even making the electricity powering your computer cleaner to produce.

The limestone at the Kentner Creek operation is used in all construction applications such as asphalt, concrete, building and under drainage.  In addition, stone from this source is utilized in agricultural and power plant flue gas desulfurization applications.

West Plains owes a debt of gratitude to the individuals and companies that help made existence possible. We give thanks to partners, landowners, local government agencies, financial institutions, vendors and certainly not least, our employees.


May, 2007 as a green-site quarry.


Privately owned.


High calcium Agricultural Lime, flue gas desulfurization stone, crushed stone, sand and gravel and various other construction aggregates